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Corona safety

The safety guidelines are further specified if needed, so we recommend checking the guidelines again right before arriving to the event.

No gathering restrictions have been set. Helsinki is in the spreading stage of corona. Regarding the corona pandemic situation, the event abides by the rules and recommendations given by the Finnish government, Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and the City of Helsinki. 

Helsinki Expo and Convention Center has air conditioning. Hand sanitizers are available at multiple points at the event. Wearing a mask is not required at the event, but participants can still choose to wear a mask at their own discretion. Should you decide to wear a mask, please take your own masks with you to the event. Program organizers have the right to ask participants to wear a face mask on their program item. If you don’t have your own mask with you, you can ask the info desk for a surgical mask.

Take other attendees into consideration:

  • If you are feeling sick or experience possible symptoms of corona, please opt out of the event.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene especially when entering the event from outdoors, during mealtime and when using the toilet facilities. Also avoid touching your face.
  • Cough and sneeze to your sleeve or tissue paper and throw the paper to the trash bin after use.
  • Maintain a safe distance to other people. Avoid unnecessary touching.

Although to most of the people the risk of getting a severe type of corona infection is small due to vaccinations and other factors, we request the attendees to remember that there are also attendees who belong to the risk groups present at the event.