Ropecon 2017 © Marko Saari

Vendors and exhibitors at Ropecon 2022

Lower Gallery

Puolenkuun Pelit

Vendor Hall


  • Friday: 3 pm – 9 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm


Table Name of the vendor/exhibitor Description
322 Aavetaajuus
356 AinMar Design
324 Aviador Kustannus
369 Bard & Jester Bard & Jester is back to Ropecon 2022 Finally! We are happy to be there again with our Leather Works loads of Bracers, Bags and other leather wear not to forget about our handmade Hats and Walking Canes and other accessories like Pocket Watches and Telescopes & Sundials…And many other things from many dimensions… Check out more also from : and possible also to make preorders before Ropecon which we can deliver straight to you in con. (All this in english as many of our customers come from abroad also)…If custom made leather orders please make it in good time about 1.5-2 months before Ropecon. Also Hats custom made orders.
310 Bart’s Pokestop
335 Blockhouse Games
362 Crafts and Fortunes
345 Eeva Nikunen Fantasy Art
371 Fantasiapelit
343 Ideabutiikki
365 Illves/Vision-Limited
350 J. K. Pölkki
342 Jasu Wonder World
367 Kinokraft
360 Krottikestit
336 Kuusade
328 Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird horror and fantasy tabletop role-playing game publisher
352 LittleAngelDragons
364 LYNX RPG Accessories LYNX is a Europe based brand specialized in tabletop RPG accessories to enhance game immersion and improve gameplay.
337 At our stand you will find lots of original designs from various artists printed on shirts, mugs, pillows and other items. paradise for geeks, gamers and otaku!
346 Miruku
331 Muinaispaja Kiertelevä Kettu
321 Myrntai
332 Naensut
341 Niramuchu Art & Design
361 Noppanoita
323 Nysalor-kustannus
326 Osuuskumma
325 Paul Laane — Visual Author
333 Pelihuone Game over
355 Pelikrypta
368 PoisonPineapple
344 Red Nettle Custom sci-fi/fantasy art and craft from Turku, Finland.
370 Roolipelikustantamo Ironspine & Co.
363 Rotten Key Miniatures
320 Savivompatti, Iida Leonsaari
366 Shini Design Cute stuff from Finland
353 ShinonArt
340 Sir Roi
327 Vaskikirjat
354 Visual Meri
351 Waste7and