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Ropecon 2017 © Marko Saari

Ropecon strives to be a safer event for all participants, and take into account the different needs visitors may have. On this page we go through, how we can meet those needs.

Transportation & Mobility

  • Both the southern and northern entrances have automatic doors.
  • In the conference wing Siipi, where activities are on three floors, and on old side, where lower, upper and glass gallery are, there are elevators that provide stairless routes.
  • Accessible toilets can be found in Messukeskus in Siipi, glass gammery, and nearby Alagalleria. Those toilets facilities are marked on the Messukeskus map with wheel chair symbol.
  • There are seats around the event area.
  • Read more about accessible arrival and parking spaces in our arrival instructions.


  • Smoking takes place outside, in separately marked areas a little further from the entrances.
  • Food containing fish may not be heated in the visitor microwave.
  • Citrus fruits, bananas, or fish may not be brought into the green room of the workforce and program organizers. There are no nuts in the goods offered in the green room.
  • We recommend not using strong perfumes in the shower rooms.
  • As for animals, only guide dogs are welcome at Messukeskus.
  • The program descriptions indicate if there are strong scents in the program.

Calming down

  • A quiet space to calm down during the event can be found in hall number 305. The hall is open throughout the event.

Toilets and showers

  • As a rule, all toilets are for all genders. We have marked on the doors of the toilet rooms, whether there are also urinals in these rooms. Accessible toilets are also marked.
  • There are enough toilets in different parts of the exhibition center so that there should not be lines.
  • We have two shower facilities. These are divided into spaces for women and non-binaries, and for men and non-binaries. Both shower rooms have separate booths for those who want more privacy.
  • The make-up facilities are located next to the shower facilities.

Hearing support

  • Unfortunately, we do not have a T-loop.
  • All organizers of the speech program have been advised to use microphone so that the voice can be heard better.
  • We asked from all our program hosts, if their program item has loud sounds, or if there are recordings that should be listened to in order to participate in the program. If their program has loud sounds or necessary recordings, they are marked in the program guide.
  • There are earplugs at the accommodation. However, if you know you need a pair, we recommend bringing your own.

Visual accommodations

  • Guide dogs (seeing-eye dogs) are welcome to the event. The walkways are wide enough to walk with a white cane.
  • We have tried to make the signs as clear as possible.
  • We asked from all our program hosts, is their program item has poor lighting or is organized in darkness, if the program requires reading long texts, or if the materials are challenging for the color blind. If there are any accebility issues on a program item, it’s mentioned at the end of a description of that program item.


  • We have asked the program organizers in advance about their program item’s content warnings, as well as about themes related to accesibility. These warnings can be read at the end of each program description.


  • The organizers of Ropecon want to guarantee all participants a safe space and thus a pleasant experience, both in the physical event and on the event’s remote platform, Discord. You can read more about our anti-harassment policy here.

Corona safety

  • Here you can find more information about corona safety at Ropecon.

When collecting info into this page, accessibility page of Finncon 2022 was an inspiration. Thank you, Finncon 2022!